Our mission is to
catch sight of your
goals & vision
from the eagle’s eye.

With a team of globally respected strategists dedicated to career and business elevation, we dig deep to find our clients distinct partnerships and creative collaborations that set them apart from their competition and peers.

Our full-service agency contains 6 areas of sight including Identity & Branding, Project Management, Publicity & Promotion, Coaching & Development, Legal & Finance and Placements & Partnerships. Members of our staff of committed agents are appointed to every client ensuring they receive five-star representation.

Branding & Idenity

The act of defining a product or company by means of distinctive design.
We work to ensure our clients’ brand identity is cohesive and uniquely developed by means of website & logo design, tag lines, brand standards, content marketing strategies, and brand positioning.

Legal & Finance

The act of consulting a professional in legal and financial matters.
Amyriad Media Group helps small businesses and individual entities fix their credit, build their business credit, and create wealth opportunities to finance their dreams.

Publicity & Promotions

The act of publicizing a product, person or venture to increase sales or awareness.
Amyriad Media Group implements promotional tactics to increase client’s brand awareness and profitability through marketing campaigns.

Placements & Partnerships

The act of putting someone or something in a particular place.
With a wide variety of connections in the industry, Amyriad Media Group has a important role of acquiring partnership and placement for our clients. From ad campaign features to brand sponsorships, we do it all.

Coaching & Development

The act of training and guiding someone or something to improve their stature.
We develop and coach small businesses as well as international public figures by helping our clients create actionable plans to achieve their goals and enhance the growth of their interests.

Project Management

The act of maintaining an enterprise from initiation to closure to achieve an aim.
Amyriad Media Group specializes in project management for music, marketing, events and more, by organizing and applying procedures and our resources to achieve specific goals.
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